Ecole supérieu​re d'informaitque Salama

Federated Cyber-Physical Systems Opportunities and Challenges for Africa.

Presenter: Prof. Jules R Tapamo

School of Engineering

University of KwaZulu-Natal

Durban, South Africa


Computer Vison, compared to other Artificial Intelligence areas, is a relatively young discipline. This youthfulness has however not prevented it from being one of the most researched but also the most impactful machine learning applications. From Earth observation to assisted surgery. Computer vision has invaded almost all aspects of our daily life.  Africa is a continent that is very rich with its minerals, people    and in many other aspects, and these have not always been optimally exploited to improve the life of its citizens. Based on different research we have carried out on making a sense from visual artefact, that took us from understanding and mitigating the dynamics of water motion when tracking moving boat on the sea, to characterizing human face to identify a particular facial expression, we will go from the basic explanation of a simple computing endeavor to explain the more complex intelligent sensing of visual phenomenon.   In this talk we plan to present some of the fundamentals of Computer vision, and progress in research, development and applications and give some highlights on the most exciting projects in the field.  Our presentation will end with the contextualization of computer vision with respect to research and development potentials in the African continent.


Jules R Tapamo is Professor of Computer Science and Engineering in the School of Engineering at The University of KwaZulu-Natal. Dr. Tapamo received his PhD in Computer Science and his DEA in Applied Mathematics and Computer Science, both from the University of Rouen, France.  He is Academic Leader: Teaching and Learning in the School of Engineering at UKZN. He is Invited Professor at the Sudan University of Science and Technology.

Dr Tapamo’s main research interests lie in the fields of image processing, Computer vision, Machine Learning, Biometrics and Data Science. His key focuses are on behavior detection and modelling, feature extraction and learning from surface and scene and extraction of knowledge from unstructured data. He is involved in cross-disciplinary research on medical informatics, safety and security, remote sensing, agriculture, pollution, power distribution infrastructure monitoring. He is IEEE, IEEE Computer Society, IEEE Signal Processing Society, IEEE Computational Intelligence society, IEEE Geoscience and Remote Sensing Society.

Dr Tapamo is rated Scientist of the South African National Research Foundation. He has been involved in several local and international conference committees.  He is also reviewer of several international and local journal.